Investor Ready Services

To secure investment capital or maximise the sale value of your business it is critical to ensure that your business is ‘investor ready’.

Financiers and investors are naturally risk adverse. Their required rate of return and cost of capital will be determined by their perceived risk. The higher the cost of capital the lower the value of the business.

dillon + elbourn recognise the impact this relationship has to your capital raising abilities and business values. We have developed risk management processes that add real value to your business and can result in the difference between securing capital or not.

Our services include:

  • Conduct independent risk review of a business and its structure
  • Preparation of a risk management strategy and action plan
  • Systemisation of the business
  • Preparation of financial modelling and analysis
  • Capital Investment structuring advice to attract investors
  • Preparation and distribution of professional Information Memorandums
  • Provide introductions to investors and promoters
  • Project manage the capital raising process
  • Assistance with corporate governance and board members